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Tournament Waitlist Policy of the Indian Hills Country Club Men's Golf Association

WHAT IS NEW?  The MGA is instituting a waitlist policy for all events (except Championships)

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?  To ensure equal access to tournaments for all MGA members when the field sizes are limited by IHCC policies and procedures.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  For 2021 tournaments, if a MGA member is waitlisted for a tourney he will be eligible for early registration for the next similar tournament, and only the next tournament.

  • Policy applies to 'regular' MGA tourneys, e.g. non-Majors and non-Championships
    • MM and MG waitlist policy will be specific to those events and information will be provided by those events
    • Championships run by the Club are not included (Medal Play and Club/MGA Championship)
  • Member must be available to play in waitlisted tourney on short notice (Friday prior), if you decline you are no longer eligible for early registration in next tourney.
  • Early registration applies to the next similar tourney. E.g. if waitlisted for Polar Bear, you get first crack at NFL Scramble.
    • Early registrants will be given notice by email 2 days before tourney is open to full field (and they must register themselves - this in NOT automatic).
  • Single, pairs and foursomes must carry over to the next similar event;
    • Polar Bear, NFL Scramble and Stableford are single signups (Blind draw)
    • 4M2BB, 2MBB, Cold Beer Open and Ryder Cup are pair signups
    • MM & MG are pair signups
    • The Memorial is the sole foursome signup
    • Pairs and foursomes must carry over exactly – no substitution
  • 2021 waitlisted members will carry to 2022 schedule (however 2020 does not carry to 2021)
  • Injury WD does not qualify for this policy


  • Single registrants are moved into single openings, pairs into pairs, and foursomes move up as a group.
  • So, players must separate themselves from a group (re-register as a single/pair) if they are willing to move up by themselves.

Updated January 12, 2021

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