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Two Man Match Play 

Tournament registration is now closed

Date: March-November 2024

Time: Players Arrange Tee Times

Format: Two man, single elimination match play (Four-Ball). Tournament pairings are based on team combined handicap indexes. Pairings announced and play can begin on April 1. You must sign up as a team at time of registration.

* Matches MUST be completed by the following dates. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Round 1 (128 teams) by April 30
  • Round 2 (64 teams) by May 31
  • Round 3 (32 teams) by June 30
  • Round 4 (Sweet 16) by July 31
  • Round 5 (Elite 8) by August 31
  • Round 6 (Final 4) by September 30
  • Final match by November 11

Handicap: 100% handicaps, play off low ball

Scoring: Post your score for all matches. ALL SCORES SHALL BE POSTED AS COMPETITION SCORES without exceeding the Equitable Stroke Control table. If you pick up and concede the hole, record the most likely score you would have made again, without exceeding the Equitable Stroke Control table.

* If a match ends prior to 18 holes and the remaining holes are not played, scores for the unfinished holes should be entered by comparing a players handicap to the hole handicap, e.g., if a players handicap is equal to or higher than the hole handicap one (or more) strokes are added to par and recorded for that hole. If the remaining holes are played record the LOWER of either the actual score or the handicap adjusted score as described above.
* Signed scorecards should be turned in to the Pro Shop upon completion of play. It is still your responsibility to post your score.

Entry Fee: $40

Field Size Limit: 128 Teams

Payouts: TBD

Ties: No ties. Continue playing additional holes until one team wins.

Extra Info: * USGA Match Play Rules apply, i.e.,the side who is farthest from the hole must play first. Balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the side considers best.
* Match, holes and strokes may be conceded, Once a concession has been made it cannot be rescinded or refused.
* Based on course conditions,the players may determine if they will use preferred lies. Both teams must agree otherwise play the ball down.
* Default tees are the white tees. However, the match can be played from any tees that both teams agree upon.
* After the conclusion of the match, the winning team is responsible for emailing the results to
* Call the Pro Shop prior to your match and ask the Pro Shop to print your official scorecard. You may also use the Scorecard creation tool on the MGA website. Remember handicaps are off the Low Ball

Tournament Director: Michael Hancock


      Registration is CLOSED.

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