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2 Man Best Ball 

Date: May 11, 2024

Time: Tee Times

Format: Team medal play. Best Ball format. Each player plays their own ball. Scores used in determining the team's "best ball" must be holed out. No gimmies.

Handicap: 90%

Scoring: Record on the paper score card the Gross score for each player, as well as the team's best Gross score and Best Net score. Also enter Gross scores for each player in Golf Genius, which will calculate the team's "best ball" (gross and net).

Entry Fee: $30 per player, plus cart

Players Pool: $20 per man

Field Size Limit: 80 Teams

Payouts: Gross and Net Team Payouts will be based on size of the field.

Ties: Scorecard playoff using the aggregate of 4 lowest handicap holes

Conditions: We will play the ball down, assuming appropriate conditions

Extra Info: Tournament Directors: Russ Lemieux, Charlie Perez



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