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Date: October 7-9, 2021

Format: Traditional Member Guest Format (9 Hole Team Matches)
Thursday: Practice Round
Friday: 3 x 9 Hole Matches
Saturday: 2 x 9 Hole Matches; followed by Shootout

Scoring: Traditional Member Guest Scoring
2Man BB; 9 Hole Matches (match play scoring)
1pt per hole; 1 point for match winner

Entry Fee: TBD

Players Pool: $200.00 per team

Field Size Limit: 84 Entries

Ties: If Point Total for a Flight ends in a tie, both teams advance to the Shootout

Extra Info: Max Entries subject to increase based on demand.

The following requirements must be met for Members and Guests:
  1. Members must have SIX (6) posted rounds in 2020 (out of state members must also have SIX (6) rounds posted in 2020).
  2. Guests must have an established USGA handicap with FOUR (4) rounds posted in 2020 or (6) six rounds posted since the last Member Guest in September 2019.
  3. A guest who is an immediate family member (father, son, brother, father-in-law, son-in-law, brother-in-law) may submit 6 scorecards from which a handicap will be established for the Member-Guest tournament. However, a USGA handicap must be used if a family member has one established.

  4. Sign-up procedures for the Member-Guest Tournament:
    1. We expect this year's Member-Guest tournament to fill up fast. That means as soon as you receive an e-mail alert with the sign-up date, get your team registered quickly
    2. At time of sign-up, we will need the NAME of your guest, guest CONTACT INFORMATION, guest VERIFIABLE HANDICAP index and HANDICAP SERVICE used by your guest so we can complete the verification process. If we cannot verify your guest's handicap index during the verification process, YOU ARE SUBJECT TO LOSING YOUR CURRENT POSITION on the entry list.



Cancellation Policy and Instructions
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