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4Man 2 Best Ball 

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Date: May 16, 2020

Time: 12 Groups in A.M., 12 Groups in P.M.

Format: 4 Man MODIFIED Blind Draw. Pick a partner then be paired via blind draw with another 2 Man Team.
Play your own ball. You must putt out !!!
The team score for each hole will be the 2 best net scores. Strokes will be taken as they fall on the card.

Handicap: 90%

Scoring: Please record gross scores for each player and the best 2 net scores on each hole.

If one of the players picks up for the hole, record the most likely gross score not exceeding equitable stroke control (ESC) and mark a X in the net area.

Scores will be posted by the committee as Tournament Scores.

Entry Fee: $30 plus cart per player

Players Pool: NO Players Pool due to CV-19 NO GATHERING AT SCOREBOARD. NO KEG (SORRY).

Field Size Limit: 48 Teams

Payouts: Number of winners of pro shop credits TBD based on numbers of entries.

Ties: Ties broken by scorecard playoff using aggregate of 4 lowest handicap holes.

Conditions: SPECIAL CV-19 RULES IN EFFECT. Practice social distancing. 1 player per cart - WALKING IS ENCOURAGED.

Extra Info: USGA rules apply in addition to Local Rules
Tournament Director: Jim LeBlanc LOCAL RULE: Treat unraked sand in trap as GUR. Free drop, FROM THE KNEE, inside the sand trap. LOCAL RULE: IF BALL LIPS OUT DUE TO THE NOODLE IN THE CUP, you will record the most likely outcome. (Would it have dropped in?)


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