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NFL Draft Scramble 

Tournament is canceled.

Date: March 21, 2020

Time: 9:00AM Shotgun

Format: Teams of A, B, C, and D players will be drafted. Each individual will carry their full handicap. Everyone will hit their drive on every hole. After the drive one player will be selected to play their own ball recording their net score for that hole. The remaining three will select one other ball and play a three man scramble recording the gross score for that hole. Both scores will be totaled for the team score. A player has to play own ball four times, B & C players must play own ball three times, and D player has to play own ball on two occasions.

Handicap: 100%

Scoring: Total team net score for ball played on its own and scramble score for the other ball.

Entry Fee: $30 plus cart per player

Players Pool: $20 per man

Field Size Limit: 120 Entries

Payouts: Superbowl Champ, Runner Up, AFC and NFC winners, Division winners

Ties: Ties will be broken by scorecard playoff using aggregate of 4 lowest hcp holes

Extra Info: Registration will close the night before the kickoff party at midnight.
(MGA Cancellation policy is modified accordingly)
Draft Party will be at the Kick Off Party
Tournament Director: Joe Oxman
USGA rules apply in addition to Local Rules


      Registration CLOSED

Cancellation Policy and Instructions
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