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The Stableford 

Tournament registration is now closed

Date: June 13, 2020

Time: Morning and Afternoon Tee Times.

Format: 4 man Blind Draw team. (A, B, C, D players.) Stroke Play
Each Player will play his own ball.
Scores will be posted as tournament scores. Due to CV-19 this is a Virtual Competition. All scoring is done in the Golf Genius Application. No post-round keg, no gathering at scoreboard.....observe social distancing rules as required by IHCC.

Handicap: 100%

Scoring: Record Gross scores AND the Points score for each player on each hole and the team points total at the bottom.
Points are based on net score
  • 5 - Double eagle
  • 4 - Eagle
  • 3 - Birdie
  • 2 - Par
  • 1 - Bogey
  • Greater than bogey - 0 points, so pick up and post most likely gross score not to exceed ESC.

  • Each players score must be individually identifiable on the scorecard. If one of the players picks up for the hole, record the most likely gross score not exceeding maximum hole score. (World Golf Assn rules)

    Entry Fee: $30 per player plus cart

    Players Pool: YES! $20/man....check in at tee box before your time.

    Field Size Limit: 144 Entries

    Payouts: Based on participation

    Ties: Ties will be broken by scorecard playoff using the aggregate of 4 lowest handica

    Extra Info: USGA rules apply in addition to Local Rules
    Treat unraked bunker as GUR and proceed under Rule 16. (drop from the knee, in the bunker, no closer) Treat interference by the "Noodle" in the cup as "the most likely outcome" if the interference were not there. (Would it have dropped?) Tournament Director: Jim LeBlanc


          Registration CLOSED

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