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The Pillock Bridge - #5 Seminole

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Click here for the 2023 Geoffrey Richardson Match Play Final Four Bracket.
Congratulations to the winner Jeremiah Haswell!

Click here for the 2023 Farmers Insurance Two Man Match Play Final Four Bracket.
Congratulations to the winners Jeff Granger and Brian McDaniel!


2023 Tournaments    Click on tournament name for details
 February 4, 2023    The Polar Bear    View Results 
 February 18, 2023    4Man 2 Best Ball    View Results 
 March-November 2023    Geoffrey Richardson Match Play    View Bracket 
 March-November 2023    Two Man Match Play    View Bracket 
 March 22, 2022    Kickoff/Draft Party      
 March 25, 2023    March Madness Recruit Scramble    View Results 
 April 22, 2023    Stableford    View Results 
 May 13, 2023    2 Man Best Ball    View Results 
 May 19-21, 2023    Medal Play Championship     
 June 8-10, 2023    Member-Member    View Results 
 July 8, 2023    Cold Beer Open    View Results 
 WEDNESDAY July 26, 2023    Josh's Revenge    View Results 
 July 29, 2023    The County Line Cup -- Indian Hills vs Brookfield     
 Aug 19-20, 2023    MGA/Club Championship Qualifier    View Results 
 Sep 2-4, 2023    MGA/Club Championship Finals    View Results 
 September 7-9, 2023    Member-Guest    View Results 
 October 14, 2023    Ryder Cup    View Results 
 November 4, 2023    Memorial    View Results 
 November 9, 2023    End of Year Party    6:30PM 


Click here for the 2023 Senior Financial Planning Player of the Year standings. Points updated shortly after every tournament.


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